Does Laser Therapy For Pain Relief Work?

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Does Laser Therapy For Pain Relief Work?

Laser therapy is a non-invasive, drug-free alternative for pain relief that’s becoming increasingly popular. It can be used to treat conditions like arthritis and injuries that don’t respond to other treatments – and thankfully it works!

Class IV Laser therapy utilizes low-powered, low-intensity lasers that are safe to use on almost anyone. They range in power from 0.5 W to 25 W and are capable of penetrating skin and soft tissues to reduce inflammation, relieve pain, and promote healing.

Laser Light Therapy (LLLT) is a straightforward procedure that involves aligning the laser-emitting device over the area of discomfort and applying light for about 30 seconds. This cycle should be repeated several times each week for about one month.

When the laser hits damaged tissue, it causes photobiomodulation (or “photon stimulation”) – a natural process that enhances the body’s regenerative abilities and encourages endorphins and collagen release. The net result is decreased inflammation, pain reduction, and faster healing of injured tissues.

It is also possible that LLLT affects neurotransmitters such as serotonin and endorphins, which influence pain perception. Studies have demonstrated LLLT to reduce nerve sensitivity and boost production of these pain-killing chemicals, providing long-lasting comfort.

The treatment also promotes the production of cytokine SOD, a protein which aids the immune system in fighting off infection. This is especially significant as many people suffer from chronic inflammation that can last months or even years.

Another advantage of LLLT is the stimulation of endogenous nitric oxide, an essential vasodilator which increases blood flow to an area and oxygenates cells. Nitric oxide can also reduce pain levels and act as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent by decreasing protein release from inflammation-prone cells.

Laser therapy is an ideal option for those seeking long-term relief from chronic pains without the potential side effects of other pain medications. It has been successfully used on sports injuries, neck and back pain, joint and disc pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines and headaches alike.

No, LLLT does not cause any toxicity and has been reported as a safe way to treat various musculoskeletal injuries and pains. For optimal healing results, LLLT should be combined with other therapies like exercise and chiropractic adjustments for maximum benefit.

LLLT is a lower-powered laser therapy that penetrates deeper into skin than higher-powered HITLs, plus it utilizes a wavelength proven to be more beneficial for cell regeneration in the body. This lower power laser therapy offers several advantages over its more powerful counterpart.

LLLT is often combined with other therapies like massage or chiropractic adjustments to promote healing. This non-invasive, safe and effective treatment for conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries and bursitis has become popular in recent years. Furthermore, those looking for ways to increase flexibility and strength through a more holistic approach may find LLLT beneficial.

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