DR-HO Pain Therapy System Review

DR-HO Pain Therapy System Review

Dr Ho’s Pain Therapy System is one of the most sought-after home pain relievers available. It works by sending electrical nerve stimulation to muscles and tendons that cause you discomfort, such as muscle soreness, backaches, headaches or other bodily aches caused by chronic conditions or sports injuries.

Dr-HO has been in the pain relief business for two decades and utilizes a combination of therapies including TENS, EMS, AMP and massage to target specific areas of the body. These devices are non-invasive and safe to use; they can help relieve pain without surgery or prescription drugs.

They offer a cost-effective alternative for pain relief compared to other methods such as surgery, prescription drugs and short-lived pain patches. Unlike these, however, these provide long-lasting and targeted comfort that helps reduce inflammation and boost circulation.

Dr Ho’s TENS units can be purchased on e-commerce websites in three versions: Dr Ho Pain Therapy System PRO, PTS-II and 4 Pad TENS. The Pro version is the most expensive option as it includes additional features not found in other two models.

This TENS device uses 12 distinct types of stimuli that vary in frequency, waveform, ramp speed and intensity to prevent your body from adapting to the same pattern over time. This is beneficial as it means you will get more relief from using the device than if only one type were utilized.

Another feature that sets this product apart is its Auto-modulating Pain Relieving Waves (APRW) technology for fighting pain. Not only are these waves faster than many other TENS units, but they are also more effective – capable of tricking the brain into ignoring pain signals and providing you with lasting comfort from this product.

This product boasts customizable intensity controls and 6 modes of massage, allowing you to tailor it according to your individual needs and preferences. Furthermore, an auto-off timer is included if you plan to go to sleep while using it.

These features can save you money on your TENS unit by not needing to constantly refill pads and by customizing it according to your requirements. This is especially beneficial if you are trying to combat pain from multiple areas of the body.

DR-HO has introduced their patented MotionCiser technology, a passive musculoskeletal system that uses warm air to loosen joints and enhance blood flow. This has been scientifically proven highly effective at relieving foot pain and stiffness, making it an ideal addition to the brand’s line of home-use pain relievers.

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