Dr Oz and Sound Therapy

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Dr Oz and Sound Therapy

When I interviewed Oz in 2004, he was a young surgeon pioneering an innovative approach to surgery and medicine. As director of Columbia University’s Cardiovascular Institute and faculty member at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, his work had transformed heart surgery by bringing mind-body therapies like meditation and reflexology into operating rooms and recovery areas. Together with his wife Lisa, Oz had already been practicing “integrative medicine”, an integration of Western medical technology with Eastern practices such as mind-body therapy and energy fields.

His experiments in surgery and beyond led him to believe that a patient’s mental state could be influential on their outcome. He also learned Reiki, a Japanese art of healing which involves placing hands on patients to heal them of disease or injury.

He also promoted sound therapy, a form of music-based healing, to treat ailments. He introduced it to the surgical community and promoted its use in the operating theater, where it proved popular both among his colleagues and patients alike.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no scientific proof that these techniques provide any benefit in healing. Indeed, some research has even discovered that they may cause harm to patients.

A BMJ study examined 80 randomly chosen recommendations from Oz’s show and discovered that only 33 percent were supported by credible scientific evidence. Another 11% could only be supported by modest scientific literature.

Although not ideal, it isn’t particularly bad either. That may explain why some doctors have become increasingly disenchanted with both the show and Oz’s methods in general.

Some medical professionals have written to the dean of his medical school, accusing him of an “egregious lack of integrity.”

He often offers advice that runs counter to what real-world physicians consider sound science. He’s promoted claims that genetically modified foods are harmful, apple juice contains dangerous levels of arsenic, and gay-reparation therapy should be illegalized.

But more troubling still is his unsupported claims, many of which lack any scientific backing whatsoever. For instance, on Fox News in 2020 he promoted hydroxychloroquine as a potential treatment for COVID-19–the virus responsible for serious respiratory illness in some people–without providing any actual proof.

Furthermore, the drug has been linked to numerous severe adverse reactions in patients, such as brain damage, kidney failure and heart attack. He’s been accused of exaggerating the risks of the drug in other countries.

Mehmet Oz, a doctor running for US Senate in Pennsylvania, has financial connections to at least two pharmaceutical companies that manufacture hydroxychloroquine. If elected in November, this could raise ethical concerns with ethics lawyers.

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