EMDR Therapist Tara Tulley is a ISSTD Member and ISSTD Chair

EMDR Therapist Tara Tulley is a ISSTD Member and ISSTD Chair

Tulley is a licensed clinical social worker and midwife with an unsteady history of dubious practices and conspiracy theories. Her clinic in Springville, Utah is situated next to one of Utah’s worst birth centers, and she has been sued multiple times for providing subpar maternity services.

Tulley is an ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation) member, serving as chair of their Ritual Abuse, Mind Control, and Organized Abuse Special Interest Group – formerly RAMCOA. She promotes a conspiracy theory that Satanic cults often subject their victims to ritual abuse and mind control in order to gain power over their followers. Tulley herself claims she has been victimized by such a cult; her uterus was branded with Satanic symbols.

The complaint outlined a variety of credible allegations against Tulley. These included smoking cannabis with clients, revoking Masonic and druidic curses in therapy sessions with deliverance pastors, violating patient confidentiality, waving around a gun during therapy sessions and making false representations on her Arizona licensure application that she wasn’t under investigation in Utah.

Her practice in Utah was deemed “unprofessional.” She advertised herself as a therapist who works with people suffering from multiple psychiatric disorders and used hypnosis to help patients recollect memories of cult-induced trauma. Furthermore, she taught Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), or EMDR), a method for healing from PTSD.

Tulley is an ISSTD member and has propagated the conspiracy theory that Satanic cults are infiltrating the Mormon church and using its symbology for their own rituals. She believes these cults often force victims into sex trafficking or child pornography in order to implant mind control programming on them.

The ISSTD apparently encourages its members to spread conspiratorial beliefs and practices. On the ISSTD’s internal message board, Tulley claims that 80% of her clients are victims of ritual abuse or mind control, including herself; Satanic ritual abuse was her personal experience.

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