EMDR Therapy Colorado Springs Can Help

EMDR Therapy Colorado Springs Can Help

If you are struggling with anxiety disorder, PTSD, or depression, emdr therapy colorado springs can help. This psychotherapy technique helps you address traumatic memories that are causing you distress.

EMDR works by stimulating your brain’s natural ability to reprocess information that was frozen and not fully processed. A therapist may use series of eye movements or other forms of bilateral stimulation in order to help you process memories that are negatively impacting your life.

Your therapist will take an in-depth history of the events that caused your symptoms, as well as any other factors that may influence treatment options. Additionally, they will give you the chance to express any feelings or thoughts that are troubling you.

Once the traumatic memories have been identified, your therapist will lead you through the EMDR protocol, which may differ from session to session. During this time, you will remain fully clothed and silent.

You will be asked to identify the traumatic event and its impact on your life. Furthermore, you will be asked to pinpoint where this memory causes you emotional distress.

The therapist will guide you through EMDR therapy with a series of steps that involve specialized light devices. These have moving lights that you follow with your eyes. They may also include sound or other sensory input such as tapping on hands, thighs, or arms if desired.

EMDR involves a series of focusing exercises designed to focus your mind on the trauma that is causing negative emotions and behaviors. You will also be guided in remembering the positive aspects of that event since its inception.

In addition to healing your past trauma, your therapist will collaborate with you on any negative thoughts or beliefs that are contributing to the state of mental distress. They’ll also give you strategies for dealing effectively with difficult situations and emotions.

Your therapist may also encourage you to explore your relationship with yourself and others, helping you form new connections and enhance overall wellbeing.

If you are struggling with anxiety disorder, PTSD, depression or any other mental health issue and require a reliable and skilled therapist in Colorado Springs, emdr therapy is an effective treatment option. It helps reprocess the memories triggering your symptoms so that you can return to living a healthy, fulfilling life.

For over 45 years, our EMDR therapists have been aiding people in reaching their full potential. Contact us today to book a consultation and discover more about our treatment solutions.

EMDR therapy has become a go-to treatment for PTSD caused by events like rape, sexual abuse and auto accidents. It can also be used to address other life traumatic experiences like divorce, grief, anxiety and more.

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