EMDR Therapy in Flagstaff

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EMDR Therapy in Flagstaff

EMDR therapy is an effective solution to address mental health issues such as anxiety disorders, trauma-related conditions and depression. Additionally, it may be beneficial for individuals suffering from personality disorders or eating disorders.

EMDR therapy differs from other forms of therapy in that it doesn’t relive your trauma; rather, it focuses on memories and how they are stored in a person’s brain. This allows clients to process events faster and experience less distress from them.

It has proven to be a highly successful treatment for PTSD, with numerous clinical trials, research studies and academic papers supporting its efficacy.

Comparing to other therapies, EMDR tends to be more cost-effective for patients. It can be used for a variety of issues from anxiety to chronic pain.

In Flagstaff, EMDR therapy is typically provided by certified mental health clinicians with master’s degrees in counseling, marriage family therapy, psychology or social work. Medical doctors, advanced practice registered nurses with specialization in psychiatric mental health as well as those pursuing their license under supervision are all common practitioners.

Most EMDR professionals provide sessions in-person, but some may also offer online counseling. This makes it easier for patients to locate a provider nearby who is accessible and accommodating their schedule.

On average, a client’s first session lasts 60 minutes and focuses on grounding techniques to help the patient relax. The therapist then leads them through body scan phase of therapy which involves observing reactions to specific memories or symptoms in order to gauge progress in reprocessing and determine if they are ready for the next step.

EMDR therapy involves using a device that emits bright light, such as a hand-held unit or one with pulses. Some therapists also employ touch to stimulate your nervous system; tapping on an arm or thigh may be used.

The therapist can assist you in visualizing a positive image of yourself. They then guide you towards replacing negative thoughts and emotions with new ones, either through eye movements or other methods such as talking and focusing on sounds heard.

Some therapists employ a variety of tools to aid patients in achieving the best results. Cognitive behavioral therapy, for instance, aims to identify and alter irrational or unhelpful thinking patterns. It has proven successful for treating issues such as chronic pain, phobias and substance abuse.

Many patients can benefit from having a therapist present in a group setting. This can reduce anxiety about participating in therapy and give the patient an opportunity to interact with other clients.

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