EMDR Therapy Machine For PTSD

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EMDR Therapy Machine For PTSD

If you are suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and searching for a treatment to help erase those painful memories and thoughts that keep resurfacing, EMDR therapy could be just what the doctor ordered. This therapy has gained worldwide acceptance as an effective remedy for PTSD, being used by many mental health professionals around the world.

EMDR (Extended Mind Decompression Therapy) is a type of therapy that uses bilateral stimulation to treat trauma and other stressful experiences like abuse, divorce, illness or loss. This involves your healthcare provider focusing on one memory while engaging your brain through eye movements, rhythmic tapping of hands or audio or visual stimuli.

Bilateral stimulation, or bilateral stimulation, is an alternating stimulus on both sides of your body that has been scientifically proven to alter how your brain processes upsetting memories. Not only does this reduce negative feelings associated with that memory but also helps lessen any subsequent negative emotions experienced after recalling it.

Therapy devices used for stimulation may be buzzers, pulsators or tappers – commonly referred to as “tapping devices.” These vibrate on opposite sides of the body and can be wired or wireless. Some even allow remote control by therapists using computer or phone apps.

When looking for an EMDR stimulation device, it is essential to find one that works well for you. Start by visiting a website which offers information on various models and brands of devices. Additionally, look for a therapist with experience using these devices who has an established record of helping those suffering from PTSD effectively.

At the start of an EMDR session, your therapist will ask you to describe any distressing memories or events that you wish to work on. They then provide a brief explanation of what to expect during the procedure so that you feel prepared and at ease during it.

Your therapist will then ask you to focus on the memory or event for a short period of time, before instructing you to do side-to-side eye movements that engage both right and left hemispheres of the brain.

This process is repeated until your therapist determines that you no longer experience negative symptoms. At that point, they will move onto the next set of stimulating exercises.

Therapists often utilize paddles for tactile stimulation. These devices look similar to the paddles found at a sports gym, but have an intense, pulsating vibration that activates both hemispheres of the brain. You can purchase these individually or purchase complete kits that include all necessary components needed for EMDR therapy.

Some therapists can now perform EMDR online or via video chat, enabling them to work with more patients simultaneously. This is an increasingly common trend in mental health and has made it simpler for EMDR therapists to travel between offices or provide remote sessions.

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