EMDR Therapy Training

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EMDR Therapy Training

EMDR therapy training equips mental health professionals with the knowledge and abilities to implement it into their practices. It is a psychotherapy that helps clients address trauma-related effects. Many clients and therapists find EMDR therapy beneficial in helping them overcome obstacles and heal from their wounds.

In EMDR, clients “free associate” with a troubling past event in a therapeutic setting. This helps them access memories and activate adaptive resolution. Once this has been accomplished, clients are encouraged to experience it through rapid eye movements (or other bilateral stimulation).

Processing trauma may take multiple sessions as clients work through it. Once complete, clients are able to integrate their new insights and perspectives into daily living situations.

When selecting where to receive your EMDR therapy training, it’s essential that the course meets all certification criteria set by EMDRIA. These requirements include: – Approval by the EMDR International Association; – 20 hours of didactic instruction; – Ten hours case consultation and a letter from an EMDRIA-approved consultant verifying completion; and – Possession of a certificate showing accreditation by the EMDR International Association.

Once you receive your certificate from the EMDR International Association, you are ready to begin providing EMDR therapy training to clients. There are various EMDR therapy training courses available and each is unique.

The Therapist Training Introductory EMDR Therapy Course is designed to give you the insight, hands-on practice and assurance needed to effectively use EMDR with your clients. This comprehensive EMDR therapy training teaches how to apply EMDR with various clients as well as discussing its theory behind use and Francine Shapiro’s Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP).

Your training will include a 220+ page personalized Reference Manual, videos of every component of EMDR therapy, resource library (over 1300 files), six days of interactive EMDR therapy training and ten hours Case Consultation. You will also have access to an EMDR Institute consultant list for ongoing support if needed.

This comprehensive EMDR therapy training far surpasses all minimum certification standards by a substantial margin. Your EMDR Institute training includes: *Your entire training materials and resource library (over 970 MB, 1300 files), plus an expansive 220+ page personalised Reference manual; 6 days of interactive training (42 hours) including 10 hours of Case Consultation with an EMDR Institute consultant;

In addition to your EMDR therapy training materials, you’ll gain access to a private online forum with support, resources and mentoring. This is an ideal space for networking and discussing EMDR with other professionals.

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