Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate

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Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate

Expressive arts therapy is a practice that integrates creative expression with mental health counseling, offering people an effective way to address emotional and physical difficulties. It utilizes art, writing, dance, music and movement in therapy sessions as tools for healing.

Studying an expressive arts therapy certificate can give you the skillset needed to become a professional therapist or allow you to incorporate artistic experience into your current practice. Not only will you learn the fundamentals of working with clients through art, but you’ll also gain invaluable knowledge about psychotherapeutic processes and how to assist your clients in creating change and wellness.

Many universities provide courses on the application of art to mental health care. These programs are designed to prepare you for work in a range of clinical settings, such as hospitals, schools and forensic services.

Appalachian State University offers an online course that examines how arts can be utilized as a vehicle for healing and growth. Through theory, practice, and research, this program introduces you to concepts related to expressive arts and embodied healing practices.

A certificate in expressive arts therapy can lead to a career in mental health or wellness fields, or it can provide the knowledge necessary for master’s degrees in psychology and graduate programs in art, drama and music therapy. Becoming registered as either an Art Therapist (ATR) or Expressive Arts Therapist (REAT) requires graduation from an accredited graduate program and passing of the board certification exam.

CIIS’ Expressive Arts Therapy and Counseling Psychology Program in Sheffield meets all national training requirements to allow you to register as either an art therapist or art psychotherapist in the UK. This two-year degree completion program provides a rigorous academic education in psychology theories and practices along with extensive hands-on instruction in expressive arts therapy techniques.

This course examines the fundamental principles of positive psychology and how art and creativity can lead to a happier, healthier, more balanced life. Through hands-on exercises and brief feedback assignments, you’ll gain knowledge on applying these concepts to creative processes in expressive arts therapy.

Self-Expression Through Art & Writing: This online course takes a multimodal approach to personal exploration and healing through the expressive arts. Combining writing, meditation, and guided visualization, it will teach you how to find your inner artist while promoting physical, spiritual, cognitive, and emotional healing.

Soul Collage – This online course takes an experiential and intuitive approach to self-expression that uses art and writing as tools for emotional release, intuition, and discovering your true voice and inner wisdom. The process is straightforward yet powerful as it helps you discover and align with your life purpose.

TimeSlips – This online course provides certification in creative storytelling techniques, emphasizing the significance of creative engagement, an introduction to dementia care and person-centered care, detailed improvisational storytelling techniques, as well as models for successful storytelling projects.

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