Fibromyalgia Holistic Therapy

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Fibromyalgia Holistic Therapy

Alternative therapies have been scientifically proven to be beneficial for those suffering from fibromyalgia, and both doctors and patients have reported success using natural methods.

Fibromyalgia holistic therapy consists of medical treatments and lifestyle modifications to alleviate symptoms and promote good health. Your doctor may suggest various non-drug solutions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), biofeedback, acupuncture or relaxation techniques as part of their recommended treatments.

Acupuncture is a type of needle therapy that causes the release of endorphins, naturally produced chemicals in your body to help manage pain. Studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can be an effective way to relieve fibromyalgia symptoms and reduce fatigue levels.

Dietary supplements can also be used to treat fibromyalgia. Vitamin D, calcium and magnesium have been known to alleviate pain, improve moods and sleep for those suffering from the disorder as well as help protect against bone loss.

Exercise can help relieve fibromyalgia pain. Regular aerobic and strength training exercises can decrease symptoms by increasing muscle flexibility, blood flow to the affected area, and muscle strength.

Yoga and tai chi are widely believed to be beneficial for those living with fibromyalgia. These mind-body practices involve moving slowly through various postures and movements while focusing on your breathing. A 2010 study discovered that these practices help improve physical, mental and emotional aspects of fibromyalgia.

Stress can also exacerbate fibromyalgia symptoms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggest reducing stress through relaxation and meditation, while cognitive behavioral therapy may be an effective option for people suffering from this disorder as it teaches them how to alter negative thought patterns.

Other natural treatments for fibromyalgia pain may include drinking more water, eating more fresh produce like fruit and vegetables and taking hot baths to relax muscles and ease discomfort. It’s essential that you consult your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise plan though.

Maintaining a nutritious diet is important for those suffering from fibromyalgia. Eat as many fresh produce like vegetables, fruits and whole grains as you can, while limiting processed foods to no more than twice the recommended serving size. Additionally, eating plenty of lean proteins with little fat – particularly saturated fats – may be beneficial for those suffering from this disorder.

Eating a diet high in fiber can also help manage fibromyalgia symptoms. Fiber plays an essential role in digestion, aiding your body’s ability to break down food and transport it throughout the body.

Additionally, a high-fiber diet may prevent constipation and diarrhea. Furthermore, it has been known to reduce inflammation and keep your digestive system healthy.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice that involves inserting thin, flexible acupuncture needles into certain points on your body to release endorphins and reduce symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. Acupuncture may help relieve fibromyalgia symptoms by stimulating endorphin release within your system.

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