Finding Migraine Physical Therapy Near Me

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Finding Migraine Physical Therapy Near Me

Migraine headaches are a worldwide health issue that impacts millions of people every year. They cause intense pain and can be difficult to cope with for extended periods of time. Physical therapy is an non-drug solution that helps reduce migraine frequency and severity.

When someone is suffering from migraines, it’s essential to get medical help immediately. They can prescribe medications and create the ideal plan for managing your headaches effectively. Furthermore, medical professionals can perform various tests which pinpoint the source of your migraines, providing a precise diagnosis and tailored treatment plan.

When seeking migraine physical therapy, make sure the therapist you visit is licensed by your state and has experience treating the condition you are experiencing. Ideally, look for someone who is board-certified clinical specialist or has completed a residency in orthopedic or neurologic physical therapy. You can use the Find PT website to locate physical therapists in your area with these credentials and expertise.

Your upper cervical vertebrae in your neck support the occiput, or area of your skull where you gaze upon stars and planets. This part of the spine connects with occipital bones in your skull and houses several nerves that travel through it into your head. Cervicogenic migraine headache symptoms may arise when these nerves become blocked or compressed, leading to pain in your neck as well as stiffness of the neck.

Your physical therapist will evaluate your neck for any potential musculoskeletal dysfunctions that could be causing your migraine headaches. You may require specific exercises for the neck or other techniques to increase the movement of your cervical vertebrae in order to reduce symptoms of migraine headaches and enhance mobility.

Your physical therapist can use a range of hands-on treatments to reduce the pain and inflammation in your muscles that cause headaches. These may include soft tissue massage, dry needling, joint mobilizations, as well as other techniques designed to reduce migraine frequency and intensity.

You can receive specialized neck, eye, and head stabling exercises to reduce the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo associated with your migraines. Your therapist can help you incorporate these exercises into daily life and give instructions on maintaining correct posture when at work or driving.

The vestibular system in your head helps with balance, coordination and head movements. Unfortunately, this system can also be affected by migraines which may cause disorientation or loss of sense of place – leading to an intensified migraine headache.

Physical therapists can perform various musculoskeletal tests to assess your occipital bone alignment, the strength of the deep neck flexors and the stability of upper cervical spine joints. These tests require minimal equipment and can be conducted by a certified physical therapist in your vicinity.

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