Finding Music Therapy Certification Programs Online

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Finding Music Therapy Certification Programs Online

Are you interested in a career using music to promote healing? Consider becoming a music therapist. This field allows you to apply your talents and abilities in helping those suffering from various medical and emotional conditions.

No matter if you want to work with children or adults, music therapy certification programs offer the perfect solution. Many are accredited by the American Music Therapy Association and allow you to earn a master’s degree without ever leaving home.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in music therapy can prepare you for the Board Certification exam and allow you to practice music therapy in most states. The MT-BC credential is seen as an indication of excellence within this field, often required when seeking employment opportunities.

As you prepare for your MT-BC exam, it is essential that you gain a comprehensive understanding of this profession. It is rapidly growing and there are various job titles and types of clients you can serve – including those with mental illness or developmental disabilities.

Your education can also help you decide if this profession is suitable for you. You should weigh the amount of clinical experience desired and whether or not you would prefer working in a hospital, nursing home or psychiatric facility. Furthermore, learn about how the profession is regulated and familiarize yourself with the philosophy and methods employed by various schools offering degrees related to this field.

Through your coursework, you’ll acquire the theoretical understanding and practical techniques essential for a career in this field. You’ll explore psychology, music, human development, and disabling conditions as you learn how to conduct an assessment and create a treatment plan tailored towards each client’s individual needs. You’ll also acquire professional development opportunities like joining an international music therapy network!

Molloy College’s Music Therapy program is the only BMOT program in New York City approved by AMTA (American Music Therapy Association). This interdisciplinary undergraduate curriculum emphasizes developmental health across the lifespan, equipping you with essential music therapy knowledge, practical skills and clinical experiences to treat clients effectively.

Graduates from Molloy’s program are employed in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, psychiatric clinics, schools and other settings. Additionally, they provide private counseling services within the community.

A comprehensive music therapy program will equip you with knowledge about various musical styles and genres, as well as cultural perspectives on music and health. Furthermore, it will inform you about the latest technological advancements for use in this profession.

You’ll have the advantage of learning from professors who are leaders in music therapy and can share their expertise and experience with you as you take courses to prepare for the MT-BC exam.

Applicants with a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university are encouraged to apply. They should provide transcripts of all college level academic work, including courses in music, as well as a personal statement outlining their interest in music therapy. Applicants may also be required to complete an interview and musical skills assessment.

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