Free Memory Testing

In the link below, you can take a free memory test. Memory also relates to attention, so the test also reflects attention.

  • It takes about 5-10 minutes to do.
  • It helps to either use a mouse on a laptop or desktop computer, or use a tablet.
  • It also helps to do it in a quiet room.
  • You can record your score, and compare it to scores in the future to track your progress.

We highly recommend that you take it once before you try the sound training, and then take it while listening to the memory sound after using the sounds 7 times to see the difference. Remember, the sounds remind us of brain rhythms we use for focus and memory.

Your score will also be graphed and compared to all the other people that have taken the test. People from ages 6 and up have taken it. Hundred’s of thousands of people have done these tests in hospital and clinics.

If you want tests that compare your scores to your age and test your problem solving and focus too, you can sign up on the main page.

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