Free Speech Therapy Apps For Android

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Free Speech Therapy Apps For Android

Speech therapy is the practice of improving communication abilities for those who have communication disorders, which may arise as a result of brain damage, neurological conditions, stroke or traumatic injury.

Adults with speech disorders often struggle to express themselves verbally. Fortunately, there are numerous free apps that can help improve a person’s speaking skills.

One of the best free speech therapy apps for adults is Apraxia Therapy, which utilizes videos showing mouth movements to train listening and speaking skills. Studies have also indicated that it increases confidence in adults with speech disorders.

Another app to consider is Inner Voice, a free Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app that helps kids with stuttering learn to speak in their own voices. It provides an enjoyable way for your child to practice speaking while having an interactive user interface.

Splingo, designed by language therapists, is an engaging and interactive AAC app that emphasizes word recognition and comprehension. It also effectively teaches various language sounds such as nouns and prepositions.

It has a user-friendly UI and is accessible on all major platforms, including iOS and Android. Furthermore, it provides features like voice recording and story sequencing.

This app is great for improving vocabulary and comprehension, as it covers a range of topics such as idioms, verbs and adjectives. Furthermore, its animation features vibrant pictures along with 3D objects.

This game offers multiple levels, so children can progress from being able to say only a few words to speaking full sentences. The app can be downloaded for free in most countries and works on both iOS and Android devices.

SpeakEasy is an invaluable service for toddlers and babies with speech delay. This app was designed based on research into the natural stages of language development.

This program is especially tailored for early language learners and children with apraxia, dysarthria, Down syndrome, autism, ADHD and other conditions.

Speech Delay App offers a great range of games to help your toddler hone their phonemic awareness, rhythm of speech and vocalization skills. Plus, it has useful tasks for honing speaking skills as well as an extensive guide for each game – making this app essential in your kid’s therapy toolkit for speech therapy.

Articulation Station is one of the most popular free speech therapy apps for children, designed to improve pronunciation at letter, word and sentence level. Available on all platforms, this app is ideal for toddlers, late talkers and those with apraxia or autism.

Another popular free speech therapy app for kids is Talking Pierre the Parrot, which utilizes a hilarious talking parrot to assist your kid with articulation. He repeats everything they say and it’s fun watching him speak!

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