Green LED Light Therapy For Migraines

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Green LED Light Therapy For Migraines

Green led light therapy is a novel solution to combat migraines and other pain conditions. It utilizes specific wavelengths of light to stimulate cells in the body, improving collagen production while decreasing inflammation.

Studies have also demonstrated that using this device can help people fall asleep more easily at night and enhance their quality of life overall. The device sends a narrow band of green light into the body for 30-60 minutes daily – an effective, safe, non-invasive solution for relieving migraine and fibromyalgia pain.

Light has the potential to penetrate deep inside the brain and activate pain-modulation systems such as opioid receptors. Additionally, it could possibly relieve other types of chronic pain like rheumatoid arthritis.

Harvard researchers recently reported that exposure to a narrow band of green light (530 nanometers) significantly reduced pain intensity when compared with dark rooms. Furthermore, this band was less likely to aggravate headaches than exposure to other types of lights such as white, blue, red and amber lights.

Another study, which involved eight people suffering from chronic pain or migraines, demonstrated that exposure to green light strips reduced their pain levels by up to 40%. They were instructed to use the strips one or two hours a day for 10 weeks.

Before trying a green light bulb or LED strip to treat your migraines, consult with a trusted doctor first. Also discuss what type of green light would best suit your condition and pain threshold.

Green LED lights have also been found to reduce pain in animals, making this technology an attractive alternative to medications.

Harvard Medical School researchers, led by Rami Burstein – a specialist in headache research – developed the Allay lamp, which uses green light to reduce pain. It’s a portable and handheld lamp designed for use at night in your bedroom to alleviate migraine and other types of headaches.

It is a relatively low-risk treatment option and often affordable compared to other options. Studies have indicated that it may reduce pain and inflammation, though more research is needed to fully comprehend its mechanisms of action.

You can purchase a green LED light strip or bulb from your local drugstore, or order one online. Make sure the wavelength is 530 nanometers or lower and ask for a product that has been tested in clinical studies.

Green light has an inherent pain-reducing effect on the thalamus and cortical regions of the brain, which are primarily responsible for processing sensory pain signals within the mind.

Though the exact cause is still unknown, it’s believed to be due to decreased activity within certain parts of the brain. According to Noah Rosen MD, director of Northwell Health’s Headache Center in New York City, green LED light does not seem to exacerbate migraine or other pain symptoms like red LED does.

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