Green Pain Therapy Glasses For Fibromyalgia

Green Pain Therapy Glasses For Fibromyalgia

Green pain therapy glasses may help alleviate stress, anxiety and discomfort during a dental procedure that requires IV sedation. This is especially beneficial for patients who have an intense fear of needles or pain, necessitating more effective pain management during treatment.

Green light is an innate color that has the potential to impact physical and mental wellbeing by stimulating the body’s endogenous opioid system, controlling sleep patterns, elevating moods, improving concentration and memory, decreasing inflammation levels and strengthening immunity.

Studies have suggested that exposure to light with a green wavelength can alleviate pain for those suffering from fibromyalgia and chronic migraines, but exactly why this occurs remains uncertain. In one recent study, 34 individuals suffering from fibromyalgia wore specialized green-tinted eyeglasses for several hours daily to see whether their symptoms or levels of anxiety would change.

A study presented at Anesthesiology 2022 conference revealed surprising results: those wearing green eyeglasses experienced lower anxiety scores than those wearing blue or clear ones, and also used fewer opioids.

In this study, fibromyalgia patients with moderate to severe pain were randomly assigned to wear one of three shades of green-tinted glasses for 4 hours daily for two weeks. Their pain and anxiety levels were monitored before, during, and after the intervention period.

After two weeks, those wearing green-tinted glasses reported significantly lower levels of anxiety than those who wore blue or clear lenses. This was likely due to filtered wavelengths within the green light spectrum by these special lenses.

Though the results were encouraging, this study had some limitations. It only involved a select group of patients and only tested pain relief effects; further investigation is necessary to determine if green-tinted glasses can benefit all fibromyalgia patients in terms of their response to pain medication and opioids.

Second, the participants in this study had already begun taking opioids for their fibromyalgia and had already undergone anesthesia during their dental procedure. These medications can alter perception of pain by increasing sensitivity to pain signals in the brain.

Third, the green-tinted glasses were not suitable for all participants in this study due to some having other medical conditions or taking long-term medication. Nonetheless, those who wore the green-tinted glasses reported greater satisfaction with their experience and asked to continue wearing them.

Chronic pain can be managed through exercise, diet and relaxation techniques. Those living with fibromyalgia require special strategies for controlling their discomfort and anxiety – especially if they take opioids which may lead to addiction and other negative side effects.

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