Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy Kindle

Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy Kindle

A must-have for therapists, educators and students alike, Handbook of Neurologic Music Therapy Kindle is a groundbreaking text that presents an empirically validated model of music in rehabilitation, therapy and medicine. Each 20 clinical techniques is described in comprehensive detail with specific exercises, illustrations and relevant background information regarding research and clinical diagnoses.

Most importantly, this book explores how music can be used to help patients with a range of disorders and conditions from neurological, physical, cognitive and psychological. It covers all aspects of this fascinating field from a medical standpoint to an artistic one with contributions from fields such as autism, adult learning disability, forensic psychiatry and neurology.

The most remarkable chapter of this book demonstrates how music can be utilized to improve brain function. Not only does this demonstrate how music can aid in restoring or improving neurological and cognitive functions, but it also promotes healthy behavior, promotes better sleep patterns and elevates moods.

This book has the potential to shape the future of music therapy. Its accessible writing style will enable you to better comprehend its intricate nature.

This book is packed with fascinating facts and information about music therapy, much of which is supported by scientific research. It’s an invaluable resource for therapists, educators and students alike – making it the perfect gift for any music therapist in your life!

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