Hawaii Healing Sound School

Hawaii Healing Sound School

Sound healing is the practice of using sound, vibration and frequency to promote relaxation and wellness in mind, body and spirit. It has its roots in ancient global practices but is increasingly being utilized as a modern medical modality that supports various mental health and emotional concerns like anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress trauma pain digestive disorders PTSD sleep issues and more.

Hawaii Healing Sound School provides a range of community classes, workshops and retreats as well as on-line beginning and advanced training in various modalities and instruments. Furthermore, we offer an specialized Sound Healing Certification Program which links epigenetic factors, neuroscience, biology, metaphysical science psychology and sound therapy theory together to equip sound practitioners with practical application and scientific understanding of sound therapy practice.

This first level of the Sound Healing Foundations Certification Program aims to provide students with an in-depth knowledge of Acoustics, Psychoacoustics, Anatomy & Physiology, Neuroscience, Metaphysical Science, Epigenetics, Coaching Skills and Subtle Body Awareness so they can effectively facilitate sound baths. Through an intensive immersive program students gain an in-depth appreciation for how sound, frequency and vibration impact our bodies on physical, spiritual, energetic levels as well as subtle levels.

This comprehensive program will equip you with all of the necessary tools to begin sound healing and grow your own business. You’ll gain a deep comprehension of how sound therapy techniques affect human bodies, as well as learn how to conduct sessions using voice, quartz crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, hand drums, chimes, ocean drum and tingsha in order to assist clients in finding balance within themselves through internal healing processes.

This level of the Sound Healing Foundations Certification Program builds on your basic foundation knowledge by exploring how to utilize quartz crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, hand drums and chimes in sound healing sessions for clients to release stress, tension and trauma while creating a state of balance and harmony. Plus it gives an in-depth knowledge of sound healing theory and history as well as introduces you to shamanic practices and ancient healing chants used across cultures around the world so you can deliver sessions at their highest potential level of service for clients.

The third level of the Sound Healing Foundations Certification Program builds on these foundational principles by emphasizing percussion, meditation and healing chants for sound practitioners to assist their clients in releasing stress, tension and trauma as they heal from within. It will also introduce you to shamanic healing chanting practices as well as teach you how to incorporate them with other sound therapy techniques.

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