Healing Cancer With Sound Therapy

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Healing Cancer With Sound Therapy

Sound therapy can help heal the body, mind and spirit. It has applications in treating ailments such as cancer by sending sound waves into the body for relaxation and pain relief.

Sound healing offers numerous advantages, and can be performed with a variety of instruments. A sound therapist may collaborate with you to find the ideal sound for your needs, such as Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls or gongs.

Sound therapists can also work with you in group settings, allowing for the therapeutic benefits of sound without having to travel for individual sessions. These sessions may take place at a yoga studio, small community space or private room.

Sound therapy has been known to reduce stress, anxiety and depression as well as strengthen your immune system. It is believed that sound waves trigger certain responses in the brain such as an altered heart rate and lower blood pressure.

Sound can also be a helpful tool when it comes to self-reflection and finding peace during challenging times. In a session, the therapist uses specific sounds as an invitation for you to stop, be present with your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

One type of sound therapy utilizes chanting and toning. These forms of sound therapy are frequently integrated into integrative cancer patients’ treatments. Chanting and toning have been known to be particularly helpful for individuals suffering from anxiety or depression, as it helps relieve emotional tension.

Another type of sound therapy is BAST (Body and Adaptive Synchronized Training). This technique uses specific frequency patterns to activate an innate response within the human body, increasing sensitivity to stress and improving one’s capacity for managing physical discomfort.

Gaining a deeper comprehension of your body can be immensely helpful when seeking healing. A therapist may use music to teach you about chakras and their connection to organs and systems within it.

Some therapists also incorporate guided meditations into their sound healing sessions, designed to help you reach a deep meditative state of mindful thought that can facilitate healing for both mind and body.

Research is being done to comprehend the effect of sound on human anatomy, particularly the brain and nervous system. Scientists are exploring whether sound can be used for therapeutic purposes to treat conditions like autism, dementia and addiction.

Researchers are studying the effects of sound on cancer cells. They’ve observed that when sound waves penetrate cancerous tissues, not only do they break the cell walls of tumors but they may also cause them to release a special protein which triggers the body’s immune system to attack and eliminate it.

These findings are encouraging, suggesting sound therapy may improve outcomes for cancer patients. Scientists at the University of Michigan have discovered that noninvasive sound technology can destroy 50 to 75 percent of liver tumors in rats while leaving the rest intact and allowing the immune system to eliminate any remaining cancer cells.

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