Holistic Addiction Therapy Hummelstown

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Holistic Addiction Therapy Hummelstown

Holistic addiction therapy in Hummelstown is an approach that utilizes complementary methods to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Unlike traditional drug rehab programs that only focus on medical treatments like detoxing or counseling, holistic recovery methods address all aspects of a patient’s wellbeing; they teach them new ways of managing stress and anxiety.

Our holistic approach to addiction and substance abuse treatment is founded on the idea that all humans share similar underlying issues. By recognizing these, we can assist patients in creating coping mechanisms to deal with their difficulties and stay in recovery long-term.

At our center, patients can find a safe and supportive atmosphere to learn new skills that can help them reclaim their identity, regain strength, boost self-esteem and reduce the likelihood of relapse. To achieve this goal, we utilize various therapies such as art therapy, meditation, equine therapy and mindfulness.

Unfortunately, many substance abuse treatment facilities take a “one size fits all” approach to rehabilitation. Unfortunately, this approach may not always be successful in treating the underlying physical, emotional or spiritual problems that contributed to someone’s substance use disorder.

Selecting a quality holistic addiction treatment center is essential for getting the best possible outcomes from your treatment. It should offer various options that meet your individual needs, such as group or individual therapy. Furthermore, life skills training should be included to help ease you back into everyday life and make sobriety more manageable.

Nutrition is a crucial aspect of any holistic recovery program. Eating properly allows the body to heal from addiction and regain energy so it can start living a healthy and meaningful life again. That is why many holistic addiction treatment programs include nutritional support.

A holistic therapist will collaborate with each patient to address physical, mental and spiritual addiction symptoms as well as correct any dietary imbalances that could be contributing to their substance abuse disorder. Furthermore, they may assist in resolving emotional or traumatic issues that might be fueling their substance abuse disorder.

Holistic recovery therapies often incorporate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to analyze and alter how you think. This will allow for the identification and address recurring triggers that could lead to substance abuse such as drugs or alcohol use.

It will also teach you how to handle confrontations more productively and less destructively. This is an invaluable asset that can be utilized when dealing with relationships, family matters or any other difficult circumstances in life.

Our holistic addiction treatment program is tailored to fit your individual needs and goals, so we will develop a personalized plan that addresses the underlying causes of your substance abuse, such as your family of origin, current lifestyle, and medical conditions.

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