Holistic Cancer Therapy

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Holistic Cancer Therapy

Cancer can have many unpleasant side effects, and patients may experience symptoms like pain, fatigue, nausea and depression. Unfortunately, these effects may persist despite standard medical treatments; thus some seek out alternative therapies in an effort to reduce them.

Holistic cancer therapy strives to treat a patient’s body, mind, and spirit. This involves using natural products, mind-body practices, and lifestyle changes from various traditions in order to promote health and well-being for the individual.

Acupuncture, massage, reiki and other holistic cancer treatment methods can reduce symptoms caused by chemotherapy or radiation as well as provide emotional support. Furthermore, they assist patients in maintaining a healthy weight and balancing their diets to provide them with more energy to fight the cancer.

Yoga and Tai chi are popular complementary cancer therapy techniques that can help those who have been inactive for some time build strength and stamina. Furthermore, these mind-body activities may reduce stress levels and promote sleep.

Many cancer patients feel the need for spiritual or religious connection. Religions provide a sense of meaning and purpose, which helps keep patients’ minds on positive thoughts during and after treatment.

Furthermore, religious groups offer community support and solidarity. This can reduce distress for breast cancer patients while improving their quality of life.

Music, art, pet therapy and other forms of recreation can help relax you and relieve emotional stress. Randomized controlled trials have demonstrated that these treatments may reduce anxiety and depression symptoms while improving overall mental wellbeing.

A registered dietitian can assist you in understanding the appropriate foods to eat during your cancer treatment. They may also manage side effects from medication, prevent or treat nutritional deficiencies, and support your body’s ability to fight infection.

BTs are an integrative cancer therapy that seeks to restore balance to a person’s energy field. They operate under the theory that physical and psychological symptoms can disrupt this flow, with BTs working to restore it.

Patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation can find comfort in vitamin supplements and acupuncture, which may help alleviate their symptoms and side effects. Furthermore, many of these holistic cancer therapy methods encourage patients to maintain a healthy weight and balance their diets – which could enhance wellness during and after treatment.

Counseling is another form of cancer therapy that may be beneficial to patients. Psychiatric services can assist in recognizing and dealing with emotional difficulties, particularly for those grieving the loss of a loved one or facing cancer diagnosis. Furthermore, counselors help patients face their fears and apprehensions so that they remain positive and motivated throughout the journey.

At San Cristobal Cancer Institute in South Carolina, a team of medical professionals is committed to holistic cancer care and strives to give their patients the best experience during their journey with cancer. They believe that for successful treatment and aftercare, patients need an integrated lifestyle, positive outlook, and nutritious diet; thus they provide services such as nutrition counseling, psychology consultations, and alternative therapies.

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