Holistic Holistic Therapy For Tumor Dogs

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Holistic Holistic Therapy For Tumor Dogs

Cancer can be a frightening diagnosis for any dog owner, but it’s especially difficult for pet parents with older dogs who may not respond as well to traditional treatments. With older pups, parents may struggle with whether or not to put their pup through these procedures.

Herbal and homeopathic remedies have been used to treat various types of cancer in pets, with results showing they can be effective at either killing the tumor or shrinking its size. Furthermore, these natural treatments provide support to the immune system so the body’s defense mechanisms can better fight off cancer cells.

Yunnan Bai Yao: This herb aids clotting function, making it useful in controlling and preventing bleeding during chemotherapy or radiation therapy. It’s typically given in pill form with one pill administered at each visit to prevent massive hemorrhages that may occur (like those into the abdomen, around the heart, or from the nose).

Resveratrol for Dogs and Cats – This powerful antioxidant has been scientifically proven to promote health and longevity. It’s an effective natural anti-inflammatory, supporting liver function in studies. Resveratrol can be beneficial in the prevention of liver cancer as well as cardioprotection.

CBD and Cannabis Oil – This herb has the power to starve off cancer cells by blocking off blood vessels that nourish tumors. It contains phytonutrients which act as free radical scavengers, making it especially helpful for cancer patients undergoing radiation treatment.

Vitamin C for Dogs and Cats – This powerful formula contains patented plant sterols and antioxidants to reduce symptoms and boost immune function in pets with cancer since 2005.

It is an excellent source of antioxidants, such as vitamin A and an exclusive antioxidant complex that promotes healthy cellular processes. Furthermore, the fatty acids in this blend help ensure your body absorbs these vital nutrients.

Immune Harmony – This patented blend of plant sterols, antioxidants and essential fatty acids is one of the best supplements for dogs with cancer. It acts as an effective anti-inflammatory, supporting immunity function while relieving pain and stress for pets undergoing chemotherapy or prednisone treatments.

A powerful natural anti-inflammatory, made up of three curcuminoids in a bioactive turmeric formula, is another beneficial natural option to protect skin during radiation treatment and may prevent mast cell tumors in dogs. Absorb best with fat-rich meals, this supplement has become the go-to choice for clients whose dogs are undergoing cancer treatments or at high risk for developing it in the future.

K9 CurcuMagic – This scientifically proven, natural anti-inflammatory pet supplement utilizes a special bioactive turmeric formula with three curcuminoids that act as free radical scavengers. It’s an ideal addition to Amazing Omegas for dogs fighting cancer, providing anti-inflammatory protection and nourishing the skin that is exposed to radiation.

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