Holistic Physical Therapy

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Holistic Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy is an integrative healing approach that seeks to restore patients’ physical abilities, movement and function by improving mobility, strength and coordination. This type of care can be beneficial for people suffering from various conditions or injuries as well as chronic pain.

Many health issues that holistic therapy addresses are caused by underlying factors, such as mental health issues, stress, diet, or other lifestyle habits. This allows holistic therapists to take a more comprehensive view of the patient and address the underlying cause of their condition or injury.

Holistic therapy’s physical components include massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and other forms of alternative medicine that have been scientifically proven to heal the body and reduce pain. Additionally, it involves learning coping mechanisms so you can better manage difficult situations and emotions.

Holistic physiotherapists typically treat patients who suffer from chronic pain or other long-term conditions that don’t respond to traditional treatments. This could include individuals suffering from headaches, back pain, arthritis or other such ailments.

A physical therapist who utilizes a holistic approach will seek to identify the source of the issue and use multiple treatments to alleviate pain and discomfort. These may include massage, electrostimulation, myotherapy, and chiropractic adjustments.

These methods may also be combined with exercises that strengthen muscles and joints, aiding recovery time and avoiding future injuries or pain.

This type of therapy is an effective solution for relieving and eliminating pain in the spine, extremities, and head. It often serves as the initial step in treating acute and chronic discomfort.

A holistic PT program emphasizes the mind, body and spirit connection to help a person reach their highest potential. While this process may be demanding and time consuming, it’s an invaluable endeavor that helps individuals overcome conditions on all levels.

A personalized holistic approach to physical therapy will be customized for each client, including an in-depth examination of both patient’s body as well as lifestyle, diet and mentality. This allows therapists to craft an tailored plan to get patients healthy and contented again.

A holistic therapist’s goal is to get the patient up and moving freely without pain or limitations so they can enjoy activities that matter most to them. A holistic therapist also instructs the patient a series of exercises which will help maintain progress while improving quality of life overall.

A holistic therapist may also encourage their patients to get enough rest, consume a nutritious and substantial diet, and exercise regularly. Doing this keeps the body in balance and may help alleviate various mental health conditions that are often brought on by physical symptoms.

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