Holistic Physical Therapy for Sciatica Pain in Back

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Holistic Physical Therapy for Sciatica Pain in Back

No matter the source of your suffering, a holistic approach to healing can help get your life back on track. Holistic physical therapists specialize in treating both body and mind simultaneously instead of just the specific injury or problem at hand. Furthermore, they may take into account aspects such as lifestyle, diet, and mental health when providing assistance with healing.

Holistic physical therapy seeks to restore function to the body and promote overall well-being. It offers an alternative solution to traditional treatments like physical therapy, heat/ice therapy and taking painkillers.

Natural, non-invasive treatments like massage and chiropractic care can work together to restore a patient’s whole body to an equilibrium that promotes health and alleviates pain. Many find success when they combine this type of healing with other practices like massage, nutrition, and fitness programs.

Physical therapists sometimes utilize holistic treatments like craniosacral therapy, a gentle hands-on technique to release tensions in the body and promote better health and function. It’s commonly used to treat chronic back pain since it increases range of motion and reduces pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Yoga, meditation and other relaxation methods are forms of holistic physical therapy that can reduce stress and lift spirits. These exercises emphasize breathing exercises as well as other natural methods that strengthen the body’s capacity for dealing with discomfort or pain.

Massage is a widely-used holistic therapy that can reduce back pain by loosening muscle tightness, encouraging better circulation and increasing flexibility. Furthermore, getting massage regularly may reduce how much medication you require – helping reduce medication usage overall!

Hot and cold treatments can also be an effective way to relieve inflammation. You can try alternating hot and cold packs or use topical creams such as Biofreeze or Deep Blue Rub for this purpose.

A holistic physical therapist is an expert in human movement and can create a program to address the source of your back problems and how to avoid them recurring. They may use dry needling, gait training or other techniques to correct posture and movement patterns that are contributing to pain.

Medications can be an integral part of back pain treatment, but they should only be used as a last resort. Overuse may lead to dependency and other unpleasant side effects; thus, consulting with a holistic professional before taking any drugs–even those prescribed by your physician–is advised.

Other holistic remedies for back pain may include herbal treatments like capsaicin cream, which is a cayenne pepper extract proven to reduce pain. You could also try homeopathic medicine white willow which has anti-inflammatory effects.

Recognizing the connection between mental health and physical condition can be challenging. Working with a trained therapist who understands this connection will help you better comprehend how it may influence overall wellbeing.

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