Holistics Wellness Physical Therapy and Corrective Exercise

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Holistics Wellness Physical Therapy and Corrective Exercise

Holistic wellness physical therapy and corrective exercise are two of the most successful ways to help you recover from an injury or get in shape. Both treatments have been proven to increase your body’s capacity for healing itself and minimize future injuries.

A holistic approach to health and wellness takes into account all elements of your wellbeing, such as mental health, diet, lifestyle etc. Your therapist will take these into account in order to develop a plan tailored specifically for you.

When seeking physical therapy for your injury, it is essential to find a therapist with extensive skills and experience. They will collaborate closely with you in order to gain insight into the nature of your condition and identify the most effective solutions to help restore health and activity in your daily life.

At Seven Studios, our team of physical therapists and wellness coaches are eager to work with you. They are passionate about helping you feel better by managing pain, stress and other aspects of wellness.

Our holistic therapists offer a wide selection of treatments tailored to meet your individual needs and preferences. Each has their own specialties that allow them to address both physical and emotional concerns with compassion.

At the clinic, a holistic therapist will conduct an assessment that involves asking about your symptoms and how they affect you. This is then followed by a hands-on examination of any areas of concern.

Your therapist will then craft a treatment plan that incorporates hands-on therapy, movement analysis and corrective exercises as well as an at-home exercise program tailored specifically for you. The length of each session depends on how long it takes to fully restore full movement and function.

Additionally, you will receive a post-therapy program to continue strengthening and improving your muscles as well as strength and mobility. This ensures you can safely return to daily activities while preventing further injuries from reoccurring.

Our corrective exercise specialists will assist you in determining which exercises are most suitable for your individual needs and goals. These could include stretches, strengthening exercises, and more to promote optimal movement and health.

A corrective exercise specialist is an expert in using corrective exercises to reduce pain and avoid future issues. They may also assist you with any movement complications caused by a car crash or other type of injury.

Traditional physical therapy can be an effective option for people with a variety of issues. Exercise has been known to be particularly successful in treating back pain, neck pain, sports injuries and posture disorders.

The GMP Fitness(r) Core Fit Corrective Exercise Specialist Certification Online Course has been accredited and approved by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM), American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP), American Natural Wellness Practitioners Board (ANWPB), American Association of Natural Wellness Coaches Board (AANWC), American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board and Accreditation Board of Naturopathic Medicals.

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