How do you cleanse your sacral chakra?


What is the sound for the sacral chakra?

This chakra is beyond color, sound, or physical representations as it represents the connection to the highest source.

Do sound baths align the chakras?

In addition to large group experiences, ZSB offers private yoga and sound therapy sessions for individual clients. Jeny and Mark own and operate Zen Soul Balance — a holistic wellness company based in San Diego that specializes in yoga, sound therapy, meditation, mindfulness, and nutrition. As a wellness buff, you’ve probably heard of sound baths and chakras, but it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of them used in conjunction with meditation. Next, the sounds of the instruments are played at different frequencies to awaken and align the chakra, which is out of balance.

If your solar plexus chakra feels unbalanced, try Alo Yoga’s Solar Plexus Sound Bath Meditation.

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