How do you conduct sound healing?

We also have a wide range of spiritual jewelry, including healing gemstones, chakra bracelets, and other healing accessories for you and your loved ones. We offer high-quality, sound-tested and handmade singing bowls made from pure Nepalese crystal, Tibetan singing bowls, chakra drums, healing harps and other items to balance your chakras, meditation and stress relief through sound energy healing. For every order you place, 6 Lynx plants a tree in one of these countries, including Madagascar, Mozambique, Nicaragua, Australia, and the USA. We specialize in crystal singing bowls.

What is Tibetan sound healing?

UCLA, which offers a music therapy treatment program, cites research showing that sound therapy can improve both physiological symptoms and mental health. A pilot study in Italy showed that Tibetan singing bowls helped alleviate stress and increase the well-being of people with metastatic cancer. The size of the bowl and the ratio between the metals influence the tone, vibration, and quality of the sound produced by the bowl. Sound is undoubtedly one of the most powerful media, as it can set the human mind into different states of consciousness.

When deep relaxation occurs due to the calming, resonant sound of the singing bowls, the body is affected on a cellular level, which opens up the energy flow to bring us back into vibrational alignment with health.

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