How do you get cbt for insomnia?

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Digital cognitive behavioral therapy improved sleep in almost half of the study cohort and showed additional signs of improvement in depression and anxiety in people in rehabilitation after a stroke. CBT helps people learn techniques to break the vicious cycle of negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that cause their problems to persist. Now, online programs like Sleepio provide access to these proven, tailored techniques and receive ongoing support, all over the Internet. The positive effects last a long time, as the process provides the person with a range of techniques that they can use forever.

Is Sleepio a CBT?

For otherwise healthy adults who have trouble sleeping, Sleepio can be used as an over-the-counter self-help tool to improve sleep health. Sleepio’s course includes weekly 20-minute sessions using various techniques to change specific habits. One of the aspects of the Sleepio course that I appreciated the most was the lively community where people share tips and experiences. Please read the user manual (IFU) to review Sleepio’s intended use, safety information, and other resources.

If you have reason to believe that you have a pre-existing condition or if you often have difficulty staying awake during the day or falling asleep during the day without meaning to, please consult your doctor before starting the Sleepio course.

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