How Does Hyperbaric Therapy Help With PTSD?

How Does Hyperbaric Therapy Help With PTSD?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the most widespread psychiatric disorders worldwide. Symptoms include persistent feelings of fear, dread, anxiety and loss of control that last months or longer. These feelings often worsen over time and interfere with sleeping patterns, work performance, relationships and quality of life in general.

Most cases of PTSD can be managed with medication or counseling. However, for those individuals whose condition has not improved despite treatment, hyperbaric oxygen therapy may be an alternative solution.

This treatment works by increasing the oxygen your body can utilize to heal itself. The extra oxygen helps improve circulation and reduce inflammation, stimulating new cells and blood vessels that ultimately leads to healing.

During the treatment, you’ll be in a special chamber that is pressurized with 100% oxygen and up to two times more pressure than normal air pressure. It looks like an airplane cabin and takes around an hour and a half to two hours for complete relaxation.

Most patients find the treatment safe and comfortable. As the pressure in the chamber increases, you may feel it in your ears as it fills with oxygen. This fullness is your ears responding to increased pressure inside, and a staff member will assist you in clearing them during your session.

Your healthcare provider may also suggest transcutaneous oximetry (TCO), which measures oxygen absorption through the skin. This test is painless and takes around an hour to complete.

At your initial consultation with a hyperbaric medicine specialist, they will review your medical history and run several tests to determine if you are eligible for hyperbaric oxygen therapy. A chest X-ray, electrocardiogram (ECG), hearing, eye, and blood tests may be necessary before beginning your hyperbaric treatment plan.

Once accepted for hyperbaric therapy, a hyperbaric medicine specialist will review your medical history and create a treatment plan with you. You will then receive several treatment sessions. As part of these precautions, it is necessary to wear a breathing mask and take an air break every 15 minutes in the chamber in order to minimize the risk of lung injury or decompression sickness (commonly known as bends), which can develop when your heart is forced to pump harder in an effort to get enough oxygen.

For your comfort, we suggest wearing a cotton gown and pillows during your hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment. After your session is over, you will return to our cozy treatment center.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is an effective and natural solution to treating many medical conditions. It has become a go-to alternative to medications for many illnesses and injuries.

This form of therapy has been used around the world to treat a variety of conditions and has proven highly effective. It may provide relief from symptoms such as PTSD or concussion.

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