How Does Laser Pain Therapy Work?

How Does Laser Pain Therapy Work?

Laser therapy is a safe and efficient way to reduce pain, inflammation, and speed up healing from injury or disease. It’s an ideal alternative to surgery as well as some types of medications.

Laser therapy works on the principle that light energy can alter and influence processes at the cellular level in the body. Specifically, laser energy stimulates cellular metabolism to encourage new cell growth and repair damaged ones.

Laser light interacts with cytochrome c in your mitochondria, initiating an enzymatic reaction that normalizes damaged or injured tissue and reduces pain and swelling. The decreased quality of life due to decreased pain and inflammation is significant.

Most patients only need a few short laser sessions, usually no more than 10 minutes in length. However, some individuals may require multiple sessions for chronic conditions.

In general, acute and chronic conditions respond best when treatments are received 2 to 3 times a week. If you are receiving laser treatment for pain relief, consistency in attendance at appointments is key as results build over time.

During a laser treatment, the area being targeted will be gently exposed to a low power laser beam. The heat generated can be felt as an enjoyable warmth that lasts several hours after treatment is finished.

Your therapist will use laser technology to precisely target areas that are causing you pain and discomfort. The intensity of the beam can be adjusted so that it feels comfortable for both of you, depending on what level is most comfortable for both of you.

Once the laser therapist has finished with your treatment, allow the area to cool off. Within a few hours, you can resume normal activities.

Laser therapy has a lower price point than some medications and can be more cost-effective in the long run, as treating chronic conditions with medication is usually expensive due to higher doses or dosage adjustments over time. Therefore, laser therapy could potentially save you money over time by replacing expensive medication with laser therapy.

Laser therapy can be administered as soon as an injury occurs or several weeks later. The sooner treatment begins, the faster healing begins and you will be able to move more quickly.

Chronic pain can be a real struggle to relieve. Unfortunately, doctors often prescribe habit-forming pain medications which may become addictive, cause other side effects and necessitate more frequent doctor’s appointments.

Laser pain therapy offers you a more enjoyable and active lifestyle without needing to rely on prescription medication for relief. Plus, it’s an effective non-invasive way to treat pain and inflammation with no negative side effects.

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