How Does NET Therapy Cost?

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How Does NET Therapy Cost?

NET Therapy, also known as Neuro Emotional Technique, is an innovative solution to healing physical stressors and emotional imprints. It assists patients in releasing long-term trauma (or neuro-emotional complexes) so that their body and mind can naturally repair themselves over time.

Muscle testing can detect emotional and stress responses in the body, helping NET practitioners pinpoint the precise stressor causing these negative emotions and physical discomforts. Unlike other therapies which focus on symptoms or diagnoses, NET treats the actual physiological cause of a patient’s problem by retraining their brain to process information differently through neuroplasticity – creating new neural connections!

This process is highly effective at healing long-term emotional trauma and releasing those complexes, leaving patients feeling renewed and revitalized. Additionally, it has a significant effect on chronic physical ailments like headaches, general anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviors, body pains and more.

Our bodies store all our memories, whether we are conscious of them or not, along with the feelings associated with them. That explains why so many of us have experienced distressing sensations such as panic, rage, fear and shut-down after experiencing traumatic events.

Damasio and others have demonstrated that in the present, unpleasant emotional and visceral states interact with memory traces of trauma in ways not easily visible to ordinary conscious recall, being procedural or implicit rather than declarative and autobiographical. In some cases, these somatic markers may even be activated even in situations seemingly free from any traumatic memories at all.

When old aversive memories are activated, the CRN mobilizes a defensive response. Unfortunately, this response is unlikely to be successful without guidance from an experienced therapist. Alternatively, somatic markers associated with those memory traces may reactivate them in a positive feedback loop, leading to terror, panic, rage or shut-down feelings.

Ariel Giarretto is a body-oriented psychotherapist and trauma specialist trained in various somatic approaches. Since 1999, she has been using Somatic Experiencing (SE) with clients and students. As part of Peter Levine’s teaching staff, Ariel helps develop curriculum for his Foundation for Human Enrichment. Her practice encompasses somatic therapy, trauma-informed yoga, dance, EMDR therapy and qigong exercises; additionally she has authored or co-written books, articles and training manuals as well as presented at conferences and workshops since then.

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