How long does cbt for insomnia take to work?

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Since 20-30% of older adults (≥ 5 years) meet diagnostic criteria for chronic sleep disorders, finding accessible, effective and cost-effective treatments is critical. That’s all still true, but according to the Journal of the American Medical Association, daily participation in a new Internet-based therapy called SHUTi (Sleep Healthy Using the Internet) could be the ticket to dreamland for insomniacs. CBT is so effective that it has become the gold standard for patients with moderate to severe insomnia who want to avoid medication. Insomnia is a significant public health issue for older adults with significant medical, psychological, and financial implications.

What is SHUTi?

Are the largest growing group of Internet users, and they generally have a desire to learn new technologies. When older adults use technology-enabled programs to promote health, they rate these programs positively. Unfortunately, access to this treatment is significantly limited due to the lack of trained clinicians and the associated costs. To overcome barriers to personal care, using the Internet has emerged as a viable and effective way to provide health information and treatment.

CBT-I for older adults, delivered over the Internet is likely to have significant public health effects, as it provides broad access to a required intervention, increases the convenience of care and reduces treatment costs in an age group where insomnia is common, which is known to aggravate other problems (health, mood, cognition).

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