How many times a day should you do eft tapping?

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Tapping is a powerful transformational tool that uses the mind-body connection to address thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and memories. The requested URL was not found on this server. Short-term problems are defined as a few nights or weeks, and chronic problems refer to sleep disorders that last for months or even years. In addition, when trying to use an ErrorDocument to process the request, a 404 Not Found error occurred.

You can use tapping as a relaxation technique to purify the mind and calm your brain and body.

Does tapping work for sleep disorders?

Just typing helped me focus on something other than the stress of having to take public transportation the next day. Bilateral tapping simply means tapping the body alternately, as if walking were a back and forth movement. Take a look at the link below for many more ways to use bilateral tapping to relax, care for yourself, and deal with it. You verbalize why you need the anxiety relief and give yourself a specific, positive affirmation that you can focus on as you type.

For more background information and resources on exactly where to type and what to say, visit the EmoFree website and Advancing EFT International here.

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