How to make someone fall asleep instantly with pressure points?

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After a five-week acupressure treatment, all participants reported an improvement in sleep quality that lasted up to 2 weeks after treatment ended. If you think your sleep problems could be a sign of something more serious, or you’re still not sure whether acupressure is right for you, you should see a doctor or sleep specialist. About 1 centimeter behind the center of your ear, there is pressure on the An Mian, which is pressed for 10 to 20 seconds to relieve headaches, reduce anxiety, and promote sleep. Acupressure uses physical contact to stimulate pressure points that correspond to various aspects of physical and mental health.

What is the acupressure point for sleep disorders?

It is known that these pressure points can alleviate various complaints and also improve various bodily functions. But acupressure will likely work better when combined with other sleep-promoting practices, such as dimming the light, stretching, journaling, or reading, says Ingegno. These points are usually where your hairline ends, just below where your neck meets the curve of your skull. On a basic level, practicing acupressure on yourself can be a great way to find a mindful moment and take some time away from the stress of the day, which in turn can promote sleepiness.

And since acupressure can potentially target both of these issues, it can significantly improve sleep quality.

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