Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Depression and Anxiety

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Depression and Anxiety

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a secure and effective treatment for depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. It’s also used to address traumatic brain injuries, chronic wounds, as well as many other conditions.

No matter our best intentions, life can still lead us to feel overwhelmed or depressed. If you are suffering from these emotions, hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Joplin might be just what the doctor ordered!

HBOT (Holistic Oxygen Therapy) is an alternative treatment that utilizes 100% oxygen, which dissolves in plasma, lymph and central nervous system fluids. The extra oxygen helps promote blood flow and circulation throughout damaged areas of the body – including the brain – by encouraging oxygen-rich blood to penetrate damaged areas and promote healing.

Research has demonstrated that CBD reduces inflammation, eliminates bacteria, and promotes healthy blood flow. Furthermore, it has proven highly effective in treating PTSD and other mental health disorders.

In addition to relieving stress and anxiety, HBOT has been found to enhance memory and cognitive functioning. Furthermore, it may reduce edema in the spinal cord after a traumatic injury.

According to a 2019 study, veterans suffering from PTSD experienced less stress, better sleep, and were highly motivated after receiving HBOT treatment. This nonhabit forming treatment has been demonstrated to have long-lasting positive effects on these individuals.

The research team is now developing larger studies, which would involve more people with various symptoms and could evaluate enhanced oxygen over a longer period of time. They plan to conduct HBOT sessions for several weeks followed by follow-up assessments to observe how the treatment impacts each patient’s mental health.

If you’re experiencing depression or anxiety, it is essential that you speak with your doctor before beginning any type of treatment. They can determine if HBOT is suitable for you.

Psychologists have observed that regular HBOT can significantly reduce anxiety and depression symptoms in many patients. It has also been demonstrated to be effective for a range of other mental health issues, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and schizophrenia.

This type of treatment can be beneficial for spinal cord injuries and other medical conditions, as well as chronic pain. It increases blood flow to the area of injury and speeds up healing while preventing cell death.

The pressure inside the chamber is 1.5 to 3 times higher than normal, providing your blood with enough oxygen to bring oxygen-rich plasma to injured tissues. Furthermore, this increased oxygen level can reactivate metabolic or electrical pathways and stimulate stem cells at the site of damage.

Research still needs to be done before HBOT can be widely accepted as a treatment option for anxiety and depression, but the initial results seem just as dramatic as those seen with more traditional treatments like psychotherapy – and these effects appear to last over time.

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