iHome Zenergy BT5 Meditative Light and Sound Therapy Candle in Grey

iHome Zenergy BT5 Meditative Light and Sound Therapy Candle in Grey

Light and sound may not be the first things that come to mind when thinking about sleep, but these two components have been scientifically proven to improve overall health and wellness. This ihome zenergyA?a?zA? meditative light & sound therapy candle in grey provides the perfect combination of calming, mood-boosting light and relaxing sounds for maximum focus and relaxation.

The iHome Zenergy BT5 stands out from your average nightstand gadget and makes an excellent gift for anyone who values good night’s rest. Its compact rounded shape and rechargeable battery make it travel friendly, while its patented color blending technology creates a warm, inviting ambience to enhance your sleep routine.

Ihome’s BT5 comes equipped with an impressive selection of customizable lighting effects and timer modes, making it simple to set the atmosphere for a restful night’s sleep. The snooze mode is great to start, but for true relaxation, try out the night owl function which automatically adjusts both your light and sound outputs at predetermined intervals.

One of the standout features of this iHome stye is its Bluetooth radio and audio capabilities for smart phone compatibility. With its multifunction jack, pairing your mobile device to the BT5 is a breeze for seamless music playback. Furthermore, you can connect to your home network to access additional on-demand content like podcasts and streaming media directly.

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