Infrared Light For Pain Relief

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Infrared Light For Pain Relief

If you are suffering from muscle injury, joint pain, arthritis or any other pain condition, infrared light therapy is an effective solution to reduce symptoms and provide comfort. Infrared light penetrates deep into tissue to target pain points, increase circulation and reduce inflammation.

Studies have indicated that infrared (IR) light may help people cope with pain by increasing nitric oxide, an important signaling molecule which supports cardiovascular health and combats free radicals. Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure and allowing more oxygen and nutrients to injured tissues. Furthermore, nitric oxide has anti-inflammatory properties as well as stimulating collagen and elastin production – essential factors in improving circulation.

Many people who experience chronic back pain opt for infrared light therapy as a treatment. Studies have demonstrated that portable infrared light packs strapped onto the back of the waist can significantly reduce pain and discomfort by over 50% compared to a placebo group.

For years, infrared lights have been employed in medical applications to treat conditions like hair loss and dental pain.

IR lights also have a beneficial effect on our cells. This type of illumination activates cellular energy generators to produce more ATP, increasing cellular vitality and speeding up healing processes.

Infrared lights produce nitric oxide, which dilates blood vessels and prevents plaque buildup that causes blockages and inflammation. Furthermore, it has the potential to lower blood pressure and reduce swelling to improve circulation.

Another advantage of infrared lights is that they promote a sense of wellbeing. They can reduce stress, relax mind and body, as well as improve sleep quality.

Infrared lights can also benefit skin conditions. The wavelengths of infrared light penetrate deeply into the skin and trigger a natural healing process known as photobiomodulation, which improves skin tone, elasticity and suppleness while diminishing wrinkles and stretch marks.

Celluma’s LED infrared lights are unique among other light therapies in that they penetrate deeper into tissues to deliver therapeutic benefits at a cellular level. This makes Celluma’s LED infrared light therapy more effective at treating underlying issues that may be causing your pain rather than simply masking it.

To maximize the benefit of infrared light therapy, it is essential that you follow some basic rules before and during your session. Drink plenty of water throughout the session so that your body doesn’t dehydrate itself. Likewise, avoid eating anything fatty or salty before your appointment; this will keep your intestines moving along with avoiding feeling nauseated during treatment.

When using infrared light for therapeutic purposes, it’s wise to schedule your sessions on a regular basis so you can monitor improvement over time. Taking photos or videos before and after treatments will enable you to track progress and stay motivated during each visit.

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