Insomnia Desktop Application Review

Insomnia Desktop Application Review

Insomnia is a desktop application designed to simplify API interactions. It features an intuitive user interface as well as powerful features like authentication helpers, code generation and environment variables.

Insomnia’s user-friendly interface enables you to quickly create, organize, share and execute API requests directly from your browser without switching applications or reinventing the wheel. It supports a range of popular language libraries like Curl, NodeJS, Go, Swift, Python, Java and C – plus many more!

Define environment variables like authentication credentials, tokens or session IDs for reuse globally or within a public/private environment for an efficient development/production workflow. Switch between multiple sets of environmental variables to test various backends or subenvironments with just the click of a button.

Insomnia offers the unique capability of chaining requests – an invaluable feature when testing APIs. With this feature, you can connect several requests together to test specific actions or events on an API.

This is especially helpful when testing with OAuth 2 or other types of authentication. Furthermore, it simplifies access token management and offers a convenient way to reuse access tokens between API calls.

Insomnia offers boilerplate code snippets for over thirty language libraries, such as Curl, NodeJS, Go, Golang, Swift, Python, Java and C. It also supports importing and exporting data in various formats.

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