Insomnia Movie Review

Insomnia Movie Review

Christopher Nolan’s Insomnia stands as a singular film, lacking many of the hallmark elements that define a “Christopher Nolan movie.”

The film follows detective Will Dormer (Al Pacino) to an idyllic Alaskan town where people spend months in perpetual daylight. As he searches for a killer, Will experiences insomnia caused by both his own guilt and exposure to intense sunlight.

As Dormer makes his way through the mountains to his lakeside cabin, his journey is dwarfed by lush hills and vast stretches of wilderness. This breathtaking setting only adds to Insomnia’s mystery and tension. The director’s appreciation of landscape is evident in establishing shots that draw us into Dormer’s world and allow us to become lost in its breathtaking vistas.

Nolan’s most accomplished film since Memento, its focus on psychological effects of environment reflects his interests in photography and editing. Hilary Swank as fearless cop Ellie Burr and Robin Williams as troubled detective Walter Finch showcase Nolan’s keen observation skills.

Nolan’s intensely focused cast is perfectly complemented by his captivating landscape shots, and the film’s thrilling conclusion owes as much to its magical setting as it does to its gripping murder mystery. Even if you don’t know what to expect, this movie is definitely worth a watch – even if you don’t know what to expect!

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