Institute For Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Research

Institute For Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Research

Institute for Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Research located at 333 Westchester Avenue in White Plains, NY.

The institute is an integrated mental health and behavioral therapy center offering a wide array of evidence-based services. Established in 2011 by an esteemed cognitive-behavioral psychologist, the center provides comprehensive individual & family CBT, clinical psychopharmacology, speech therapy & occupational therapy, holistic health & nutrition advice, medical psychology assessments neuropsychological/educational assessments consultation advocacy support as well as academic remediation to children, teens, and young adults.

Our practitioners utilize the most suitable treatment modalities for each patient, helping people manage anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorders (misophonia), and more. Whether you require one-on-one or group sessions with our expert staff members, they are ready to assist.

Our services are accessible in a range of formats, such as online, telephone, video conference and in person at our office or your local hospital. Contact us now to book an initial appointment – we look forward to assisting you! The ideal therapist is one who can get at the root cause of your issues.

- Try our sound therapy to lower anxiety 86%, lower insomnia or pain 77%, lower tinnitus 78%, help memory 11-29%, and more (all are averages). It is free to try and share. Repost this information to help others on other networks with the buttons below:
SoundTherapy - listen for an average of 77% less anxiety, insomnia, and pain.