Integrated Holistic Therapies

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Integrated Holistic Therapies

Integrative holistic therapies can help you heal yourself from the inside out. A therapist trained in holistic therapy takes into account your body, mind, and spirit when treating health issues such as addiction or trauma.

Holistic therapists possess advanced training in several forms of treatment and often draw upon other modalities like art therapy or yoga to comprehend all aspects of wellness. This allows them to identify the most efficient solutions for your problems and find ways to enhance overall wellbeing.

Some people opt for integrative medicine specialists instead of traditional doctors when seeking health care, as they believe the best possible care and treatment can be provided for body, mind, and spirit. To find the right physician in your area, use WebMD’s search tools to locate highly-rated practitioners nearby and read reviews to see what others think about their treatment methods.

The How Clinic in Encinitas provides a range of services for those facing physical and mental health difficulties. Their practice is founded on compassion, with an aim to offer healing to each patient. Their team of practitioners strive to treat the whole person rather than just their symptoms; they have decades of combined experience treating injuries, pain, depression, and anxiety.

AToN Center in San Diego provides a range of treatment options for clients suffering from addiction and other coexisting disorders. The facility uses both 12-Step and non-12-Step approaches, including holistic methods, exposure therapy, trauma-informed practices, evidence-based approaches to recovery. They also offer acupuncture and other alternative healing techniques as well as family and group counseling services.

Acupuncture, Chinese herbs and other alternative healing practices can be used to treat a variety of illnesses and conditions. Patients have the option of receiving treatments one-on-one or in a supportive group setting. In addition to acupuncture, other forms of treatments may include massage therapy, reiki, yoga and other meditative techniques.

Integrative holistic therapies can be an effective solution to combat various illnesses, from anxiety to PTSD. Unlike traditional psychotherapy which focuses on mental health issues, holistic therapy seeks to identify the source of your symptoms so you can achieve long-lasting healing.

It is essential to remember that when seeking a holistic therapist, do not be afraid to inquire about their spiritual beliefs. Doing so can be an immensely helpful part of therapy for many patients as it provides them with a safe space to explore these beliefs and develop coping strategies for stress.

When selecting an integrative medicine specialist, be sure to check their ratings on WebMD Care and read reviews from real patients. Doing this will guarantee you are selecting a trustworthy and efficient medical practitioner.

At The How Clinic in Encinitas, California, John How, MD and his team use conventional medicine along with holistic techniques to restore health and well-being for their patients. As an emergency room physician himself, John understands the devastating impact a single injury or illness can have on a patient’s life; that is why they opened The How Clinic: to show compassion towards their patients while offering cutting-edge treatments that heal both physically and emotionally.

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