Is it ok to take valerian root every night?

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6 studies reported a dichotomous sleep quality result (improved or not) showing a statistically significant benefit (relative risk of sleep improvement %3D 1.8, 95% confidence interval, 1.2-2), but there was evidence of a publication error in this summary measure. Health experts suspect that inadequate sleep causes or worsens many serious health problems, which is why optimal sleep should be a top priority. The available evidence suggests that baldrian could improve sleep quality without causing side effects. In addition to evidence from clinical trials, there is some fascinating historical and fundamental scientific evidence about the effectiveness of valerian.

Is it okay to take valerian root every night?

I have been taking Valerian Plus tablets (valerian root extract 125 mg and passion flower herb extract 250 mg) every day for insomnia for the past 4 months. I tried Valerian by taking two capsules of 150 mg each and noticed a slight improvement. I’ve decided to increase the dosage to 500 mg and I now notice that my sleep pattern has improved significantly. There is evidence that valerian may increase sleepiness in some people the morning after ingestion. They also suspected that more studies were carried out that showed no positive effect on valerian and were simply never published.

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