Is sound healing an ancient practice?

Holographic sound healing is the fusion of sound and musical vibration with infinite multi-dimensional energy, bringing sound to its true and natural state. When I listened to one of your sound healings for the first time, it completely activated me and I had soul memories. Get to know modern sound healing techniques that have a positive effect on the physical and emotional body and mind.

What is holographic sound?

The general idea of acoustic holography has led to various versions such as acoustic near-field holography (NAH) and statistically optimal acoustic near-field holography (SONAH). This lesson is now available to all those who are heartfelt called to work with the breadth of holographic sound. The measurement techniques included in acoustic holography are becoming increasingly popular in various areas, in particular in the areas of transport, vehicle and aircraft construction, as well as noise, vibration and hardness (NVH). Good holographic sound from a dual-speaker system can be slightly or even moderately forward and extend well beyond the right and left sides of the speakers and even appear as if it’s coming from behind.

Therefore, we were once again made available to us these specific spiritually inspired techniques that use holographic sound.

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