Joe Biden on a Mental Health Mission

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Joe Biden on a Mental Health Mission

President Joe Biden is on a mental health mission. His goal is to increase access to care, combat stigma and enable those living with mental illnesses to lead healthier lives. Furthermore, the former Delaware senator is taking steps to combat the opioid crisis and support mental health workers across America.

He has made it a priority to focus on mental health in his speeches and policy proposals, and has dedicated the Unity Agenda to this cause. He’s calling for the creation of a “National Action Plan on the Prevention of Mental Illness” as well as five key initiatives he believes can make a difference.

America should double its investment in community health centers, providing greater access to healthcare for underserved populations.

Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, believes a double-digit increase in federal government investment in community health centers will improve access to quality, affordable care for those most in need. Furthermore, this initiative may reduce jail or death rates among people with mental illnesses for crimes connected to their illness.

The United States has long suffered from a shortage of mental health care. Only 45% of people diagnosed with an illness receive treatment within one year, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. These rates are higher among older adults and those suffering from more serious disorders; however, they remain lower for people of color and children.

In his speech, Biden also called for the establishment of a Department of Mental Health and an additional coordinating agency to address mental health needs among children and families.

His plan calls for doubling the funding available for mental health and addiction treatment, guaranteeing that children who experience trauma receive the necessary care to heal, and creating a federally funded mental health workforce.

He’s also committed to improving access to care for veterans and guaranteeing all military personnel have the resources necessary to address mental health concerns.

The former Vice President is a staunch supporter of the VA’s initiatives to enhance quality and access of care for servicemembers, particularly those suffering from mental illnesses. Furthermore, he has pledged additional funding for both VA’s Behavioral Health & Trauma Center and National Center for Telehealth & Technology.

Biden, a former lawyer and decorated war veteran, has long been an upstanding defender of the rule of law. He’s been an influential leader in the fight for civil rights and has worked on issues from criminal justice reform to healthcare access.

Biden has achieved much in his life, yet he has also struggled with his mental health at times. According to his biography, he tends towards depression and anxiety; at one point he even battled alcoholism and drug abuse issues which required him to go through rehabilitation for recovery.

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