Light Therapy For Foot Pain

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Light Therapy For Foot Pain

Light therapy for foot pain offers a drug-free and secure alternative to treating many conditions, such as arthritis, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. It works by improving circulation, speeding up healing processes and relieving discomfort.

Are you dealing with a foot injury, have diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, or just want to make sure your feet stay healthy before and after work, light therapy for pain can help alleviate symptoms. These devices use infrared and red wavelengths that penetrate deep into muscle and joint tissue, increasing circulation and decreasing inflammation – thus relieving discomfort from pain and discomfort.

Medical-grade, FDA-cleared and OTC Class II light therapy devices offer the safest, most effective light therapy treatment available today. These LED and infrared light pads can be used for at-home foot issues or as a professional product when providing massages, facials or manicures to clients.

Perfect for relaxing around the house or on-the-go, these foot pain relief slippers feature medical-grade LED lights that emit infrared and red light spectrums to soothe muscles, reduce stiffness and alleviate foot pain. These infrared and red light foot pads can be used for neuropathy foot pain, arthritis foot pain, top, side or bottom of foot discomfort as well as general foot comfort at home or during massages.

These dpl(r) foot pain relief infrared/red-light slippers are an FDA-approved OTC Class II medical device designed to safely and effectively relieve foot pain, minor muscle and joint discomfort, and stiffness. Just slip them on for a pain-free life!

Bright Health claims its device can relieve pain associated with arthritis, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. According to the company, LED light increases adenosine triphosphate (ATP) for increased energy in cells while improving circulation and stimulating collagen production. Furthermore, they claim the device promotes faster cell regeneration/repair processes, increased nitric oxide release and stem cell activation.

This light therapy pad is a double pack that can be extended to cover the entire bottom of your foot from toes to heel, or folded in half for treatment of just the top half. It’s suitable for both men and women alike and HSA/FSA eligible.

While there may be some questions about how red and infrared light therapy works, a wealth of research backs its effectiveness. Not only does it reduce pain, but red/infrared light therapy also aids in healing injuries sustained through sports activities.

Nitric oxide is released into your blood vessels during this process, helping to relax arteries, reduce oxidative stress, prevent vessel clumping and regulate blood pressure. Nitric oxide also enhances circulation which allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach injured tissues – thus aiding their healing process.

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