Long Term Mental Health Facilities in Ohio

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Long Term Mental Health Facilities in Ohio

Long term mental health facilities in Ohio provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals suffering from addiction as well as coexisting disorders like depression. By integrating treatment options to address both substance abuse issues and mental illness, these centers help their clients achieve sobriety and lead healthier lives overall.

Individuals struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs may also have psychiatric disorders like PTSD or anxiety, which are difficult to treat and make it hard to return to a normal, healthy life. At this facility, the team works hard to ensure each client receives all the care and support they need while focusing on recovery so they can begin living a new, happy life.

The Ridge in Columbus, Ohio is a facility that helps people overcome addiction and other mental health issues through an holistic approach. Its 27 residents receive clinical programs proven effective for treating addiction, mental health disorders and related disorders; in addition to these treatments they also have access to acupuncture and other holistic therapies as well as various fitness activities.

This treatment center provides a 30-90 day residential program for women and men. The package includes therapy, recreational activities, family-inclusive services, aftercare planning, and more. They also offer long-term residential programs that last between 4-6 months.

Community Assessment and Treatment Services, commonly referred to as CATS, offers residential treatment for men and women struggling with addictions to alcohol or drugs. Their initial 30-90 day program includes therapy, social learning, motivational interviewing, and various assessments; if it is determined that this type of living environment is best suited for the client, CATS will refer them to a sober living community.

ARTA offers 30 residential facilities nationwide, each offering their own distinct approach to treating mental health disorders. Because each facility provides a varying level of care to their patients, research is key before selecting a treatment program for you.

Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry is one of the finest residential treatment facilities in the state, offering a comprehensive array of medical and behavioral health services. As part of the Association for Behavioral Health and Wellness, they have access to an abundance of resources that can assist you in finding the right treatment option.

The Children’s and Young Adult Program at Belmont Pines Hospital in Toledo, Ohio is a residential treatment center for teens. As a TRICARE(r)-certified facility, it serves the children and adolescents of active duty, Guard, Reserve military families. This treatment facility specializes in aiding youth who are dealing with emotional problems or behavioral challenges that are affecting their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Mentally Disturbed Teens in Ohio: ViewPoint Center is a premier mental health facility for adolescents in Ohio who are dealing with depression, anxiety and other emotional problems. They specialize in working with youths dealing with the effects of substance abuse as well.

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