Masonic Children’s Hospital Music Therapy

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Masonic Children’s Hospital Music Therapy

Music therapy is a holistic, non-invasive clinical intervention that has been scientifically proven to promote positive mental health outcomes through musical activities like singing, moving to music and instrument playing. The therapist works in partnership with the patient, family members and healthcare team members to craft an individualized treatment plan.

Music therapists play an increasingly important role at Masonic Children’s Hospital, helping patients and their families manage life’s stresses. They aim to enhance communication, motor skills, self-esteem and mood while also encouraging healing.

Country star Chris Young understands the power of music, and his generosity was evident at a recent Stars and Guitars concert that raised $34,000 for U.M. Masonic Children’s Hospital’s music therapy program, according to Kim Donley, a U. M. Masonic children’s hospital music therapist who filled four carts with better-quality instruments as well as purchasing equipment so patients can record their own songs.

Jurnee Rust, 10 from Minot, N.D., recently underwent music therapy at the hospital after being diagnosed with a brain tumor. According to Teina Rust’s mom, music has played an integral role in her daughter’s recovery process by helping her relax and reduce pain from chemotherapy treatments.

Jurnee has been tutored by a music therapist to learn to sing and improvise on her reverie harp. Additionally, they’ve explored percussion instruments and shared stories associated with each sound.

“Having someone come into the room and help with that was truly wonderful,” Jurnee remarked. “I felt so much more at ease and comfortable as a result,” she concluded.

Greta Baumann, MMT has extensive experience working with patients and families in the Blood and Marrow Transplant unit at Masonic Children’s Hospital. She specializes in working with pediatric cancer patients as well as those suffering from rare or terminal illnesses and their families.

She has been a music therapist for over 15 years, providing comfort to thousands of patients and their families during this time.

Her practice strives to create an atmosphere of support, compassion, and understanding for patients and their families. She utilizes various methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, music making, and expressive arts techniques in order to meet each client’s individual needs.

Her mission is to promote patient and family involvement in the therapeutic process through active engagement, while creating a safe space for patients to express their emotions. In addition to music therapy, she may use other therapeutic approaches and therapies like hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and meditation for optimal healing outcomes.

At this institution, research and evaluation are underway into the potential advantages of music therapy in combination with integrative healthcare services. The goal is to determine its effect on patient and family symptom burden, mood state and overall health.

At this institution, the integrative health team offers massage, music therapy from a board-certified music therapist, healing touch/Reiki, acupressure, mind/body skills and yoga to all patients admitted to the BMT unit. Their goal is to provide each patient with the highest level of care and treatment possible.

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