Massage Therapy School Near Me

Massage Therapy School Near Me

Finding a Massage Therapy School Near Me is the ideal place to gain new skills or sharpen existing ones. These schools will teach you the fundamentals of massage therapy, from anatomy and physiology to various types of techniques like sports massage or oriental massage.

Some of the most reputable schools will be nationally accredited and offer training to pass national or state licensing exams. These certifications are essential for future massage therapists, confirming that their education meets industry standards.

These programs also give you the option to specialize in a specific area of massage therapy, such as sports or deep tissue. Through these courses, you will develop your skills and expertise so that you can offer clients the highest quality care.

Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington is one of the top names for massage therapy school due to their comprehensive educational approach to natural healthcare. Not only do they teach their students the fundamentals of massage therapy, but also allow them to study alongside other disciplines like Chinese medicine or chiropractic studies.

The School of Professional Studies at SCU offers a 7-month certificate program to give you the skills and assurance to pass board exams, paving the way for an exciting career as a licensed massage therapist. Courses are taught through lectures and lab hours, with more than half the program dedicated to hands-on learning through clinical experiences.

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