Guidance and Research Bot


Below is a chatbot from that has passed college level psychology, biology, and neuroscience exams at leading universities. It also passes classes for business, law and other things at top schools. You can ask it things like the below and ask for links to sources.

What are the best mindfulness techniques for _______ ? Please give me links.

What are the brain conditions with _______ ? Please give me links.

What are the steps of healing _______ ?

How do I do the most proven meditation type for _______ ? Please give links.

What are the most proven or referenced _______ or _______ for ________? (You can ask something like, “What is the highest rated doctor for _______ near _______ town on Google?”)

  • Sound Therapy Bot: Hello, I am an Artificial Intelligence research bot developed by Microsoft and others. I read psychological and medical research from trusted sites on the internet to help people. I am good at looking up information and explaining things. I can give some guidance, but am not able to interpret complex problems like a therapist. I have passed college level psychology, neuroscience, and biology exams. I can give answers about certain conditions from research and explain things like the neurological factors of certain strengths or struggles, how to do Progressive Muscle Relaxation, meditation,, or other things while you use sound therapy. Ask away!

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