Mental Health America of Greater Houston

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Mental Health America of Greater Houston

Mental Health America of Greater Houston is the area’s longest-standing mental health education and advocacy organization. Our mission is to transform misperceptions about mental illness into compassion and proper treatment, connect people to services for mental illness, promote system changes in this space, and advocate for legislative solutions that address the vast unmet need for public mental health services.

One in six children in Houston experiences mental illness at some point. This number is even higher among minorities and LGBTQ communities. Schools often become the first destination students and parents turn for help, which is why school districts across America have implemented programs designed to increase counselors and psychologists on campus who are skilled at diagnosing and treating children’s problems.

Texasans are becoming more conscious of the need to educate and treat mental health issues. Social media and casual conversations about therapy have become commonplace, leading to more Americans discussing their personal struggles than ever before according to a new survey by the American Psychological Association.

As mental health awareness spreads, stigma associated with it is diminishing. More people are openly discussing their needs on social media and in casual conversations, and there is an increase in therapists offering free or low-cost services.

Texas has a long-standing mental health problem, yet it wasn’t until 2011, when COVID-19 hit that the state recognized the need to invest more resources into children and teens’ mental wellness. In response, a bipartisan bill was passed in February that provided significant additional funding for loan repayment programs so more child mental health experts can be hired by Texas schools.

In July, the bill that goes into effect in July creates a statewide partnership with 12 medical schools and community mental health providers to train pediatricians on how to recognize signs of mental illness in kids. It also establishes a telemedicine network connecting these doctors and specialists at the schools with patients.

Mental Health America of Greater Houston has expanded its programs to give local schoolchildren an outlet to express themselves creatively through art. To commemorate May as Mental Health Awareness Month, the organization will host a virtual art showcase at their headquarters on South Main Street to emphasize the significance of protecting children’s mental health and reduce stigma.

UnitedHealthcare’s grant of $190,000 is helping MHA expand its programs and reach more students. In addition to hosting a virtual art showcase, MHA will also be providing mental health training for teachers as well as student mentoring sessions to empower youth with knowledge about their own mental health needs.

MHA also offers the Young Minds in Action program (YMHA) for young adults and their families. This initiative includes workshops, trainings, and support groups specifically tailored towards teens and their caregivers.

Adolescents (13-18 yrs.): Intensive Outpatient, Outpatient, Day Treatment, Residential & Partial Hospitalization Services for Substance Use Prevention & Treatment.

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